How to Create Your Home Practice Yoga Space

Written by Andie Pineda
As the majority of us are now moving our yoga practice into our own homes, setting up a dedicated yoga space is key to keeping your practice going! Don’t worry, you don’t have to frantically start online shopping for fancy yoga props or accessories, you don’t even need a whole heap of space.

Use what you already have! Get creative! Roll out your yoga mat in your kitchen! Hey, whatever it takes to create routine for your practice. So to help make this transition easier, here are a few different steps to create an at-home yoga space that works for you…

1. Create Your Environment

First thing is first - create the right conditions and ambiance for your practice. You can do this by setting certain boundaries so you're not interrupted or easily distracted, like putting your devices on Do Not Disturb or Silent mode. Perhaps shutting the door for more privacy or choosing a time where your housemates are not home or when your kids are asleep. While these circumstances may not always be possible or within your control, the intention is still there and you're doing the best you can, where you can.

Next, think about the vibe. Do you need uplifting music or calming scents like essential oils? Will lighting a candle help you go inward or opening the window to let the fresh air flow? Perhaps creating a ritual like making a cup of tea will let you settle into your space. Set the mood for your practice.

2. Designate Your Space

From here, it's important to designate a particular space within your home for a particular kind of practice. Different spaces hold different energies depending on what sort of rituals and activities we do within those spaces.

Personally, I am very motivated by personalising and styling my space because it deeply impacts how I feel (Do I have OCD tendancies? Very likely!), but this will be different for everyone and by no means does your space have to be picture perfect or look a certain way. Whether this gets some ideas or creative juices flowing, here are a few of my favourite at-home set-ups:


  • The Space: a flat, stable area at least the size of a yoga mat (ideally with a bit of extra space for postures that need more clearing!)
  • The Props: yoga mat, block, bolster, strap
  • The Practice: Vinyasa Flows, Hatha or Yin


  • The Space: anywhere outside with natural light - the patio, balcony, deck, backyard, in the grass
  • The Props: mat, block, blanket (all optional)
  • The Practice: Standing Flow Series (e.g. Sun Salutations) or Spinal Roll Downs


  • The Space: in your bed or on a cosy chair with low-light
  • The Props: blanket, pillows
  • The Practice: Yoga Nidra or evening meditation and breathwork

3. Make Do With What You Have

So if you don’t have many yoga props, you can always use everyday items found around the house! Here are few alternatives:


  • Rug or carpet
  • Beach towel
  • Something semi-grippy so you won't slip


  • Hardcover book
  • Shoe box
  • Something sturdy that can stand-up on its own


  • Folded, stacked blanket
  • Throw pillow or cushion
  • Something thick and stackable for height


  • Stacked pillows
  • Rolled-up blanket or towel
  • Something firm that you can lay down on vertically with some height


  • Belt
  • Scarf
  • Jumper or long-sleeved t-shirt
  • Something long and not too thin


  • Throw blanket
  • Something thick and weighted

4. If You Choose to Buy, Buy Local

But if you are in the market for purchasing a few accessories to spruce up your yoga space, we highly recommend supporting local, small businesses! Here are some local loves:


  • I AM THAT - Yoga - eco-friendly, natural cork yoga mats by Collingwood-based yoga studio
  • Yogi Peace Club - natural rubber yoga mats and recycled plastic bottle yoga mats by Torquay-based brand
  • Mukti Mats - toxic-free, natural yoga mats


  • Sure Project - sustainable, cork blocks and cork rollers for recovery


  • Kin North - buttery-soft, organic linen bolsters and eye pillows made in Melbourne
  • Calm Buddhi - handcrafted bolsters and meditation pillows with beautiful block-printed textiles from India
  • Shikoba Therapies - Handmade in Gippsland


5. Remember to Transition Slowly

It's okay to start out with shorter practices as you get into the habit of creating a routine and structure around where and when you practice. Adapting and acclimatising takes time.

Also, while it's very easy to immediately jump back into your work emails or feed your pet or answer the phone when you practice at home, remember to give yourself a moment to be with your practice and let it integrate. From this place, move slowly into the rest of your day.

Well, that’s pretty much everything you would need to get set up at home! Your yoga space is officially sorted and you are now ready to stream all the online practices whenever you like. Lucky for you, there are a plethora of options for you to choose from! Try one of our free Vinny at Home practices to get you started. Tune in and enjoy!

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