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An estuary is where the waterways meet the vast ocean. This is a beautiful illustration of connection - different parts of ourselves, and people from all walks of life, coming together in harmony and community.

Like this natural sanctuary, Estuary Yoga offers each person a space to breathe, move, and cultivate ownership of creating balance and flow in their lives. Amidst the busy noise of daily doing, there is space to navigate home, in community. Together, we nurture, enliven, and grow.

Preparing for Your Class

When You Arrive:

  • We suggest arriving at least 10 mins prior to the beginning of class, so you don't feel rushed!
  • There's always hot tea and a selection of lovely books to meander through
  • Please make sure you sign in with the teacher, and inform us of any injuries, pregnancy, or other health-related conditions, so we can support your practice

To get here:

  • Abundant bike paths and stands available throughout our neighbourhood. Extra love for those travelling on two wheels!
  • The 57 tram runs along Queensberry St, and connects to Flinders St Station. Stop 14 (Abbotsford St) is located just on our doorstep
  • Ample free street parking is available, there is also a paid car park ($1.50/hr for up to 4hrs) at the corner of Curzon St and Queensberry St

What to Bring:

  • Bring your own towels and drink bottles
  • We have Manduka Pro mats and a full assortment of props
  • Wear anything that helps you to move freely and comfortably!

Behind the Studio: Lucy & Andrew Lawes

Tell us a little bit about how your yoga journey began.

Lucy: My journey started with Bikram/Hot Yoga - which is a far stretch from how I practice now! It seems a fitting reflection of how I approached life then, and what has changed since weaving yoga into daily life, as a verb (ie. practice!) - rather than using it as a 'fix' or a solution.

Consciously or not, we spend a lot of our days reaching outward in giving our attention and energy outwards. The yoga practice offers us a forest of tools that can help us gather and re-connecting inwards. For me, the steady (and slow) journey in learning through these tools has become a form of prayer; an invaluable well to draw from, and return to, particular in challenge or discomfort.

The yoga practice has and continues to guide me towards a way of living that honours integrity over intensity, and a soft strength that can only be cultivated with patience. My relationship with self, physically and mentally, has become lighter, more integrated, and more honest. This inevitably flows out into life in so many ways - expected and surprising. It is truly a grand and humbling experience to hold, and to share in community.

What inspired you to take the leap and open up your own studio?

The joy of creating, the desire to share this gift of yoga, and the strength and confidence of my husband Andrew!

Speaking of inspiration, what words do you live by? Name your personal or professional motto.

Personally, I adore these lines extracted from Diane Ackerman's 'School Prayer':
I swear I will not dishonor
my soul with hatred,
but offer myself humbly
as a guardian of nature,
as a healer of misery,
as a messenger of wonder,
as an architect of peace.

What sort of experience are you looking to cultivate when someone steps foot inside your yoga studio?

Estuary Yoga has 3 words guiding its ethos: Nurture, Enliven, Grow.

I wish for every single person walking through the door to feel each of these, hopefully simultaneously, throughout their experience. The little things count: whether its the way they are greeted, to the scent offered at savasana - every element can be a part of a practice that offers safe, nourishing space for what is needed.

Amidst the busy noise of daily doing, there is space to navigate home, in community.

Describe the kind of music your teachers play during class. What's the music vibe like?

Soothing or gentle flowing tunes that compliment rather than distract from the style of practice.

While we're in the neighbourhood, what local spots should we check out before or after class?

Twenty & Six is our local fave - for great coffee (they make their own almond milk too!) and nourishing, satisfying food in a sunny courtyard. For those into sweet treats, there's also the famous Beatrix literally 2 minutes walk away, indulgent for eyes and belly.

A short stroll towards Errol St takes you to Mörk Chocolate or 5Lire. There's plenty of fresh grassy strips around the North Melbourne community to chill out on for a sunny picnic with friends, pups or young ones!

Lastly, what are you most proud of when it comes to your studio and/or your community?

The very human connections that form in those little moments before, during and after classes. This is an aspect of community we intended to foster, but has grown beyond what we hoped for. The warmth, support and diversity that has come together through the yoga practice is beautiful - and we certainly wish to keep nurturing, enlivening and growing this as we journey onwards!

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