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Set in a modern and bright open space, (Here) is a community committed to providing intelligently designed yoga in a safe, friendly and calming atmosphere.

The (Here) Yoga team is built on the foundations of community, connection, and sincerity. All of our teachers offer their own style but our common thread is authenticity and a desire to be of service to our students.

Owner Sarah and (Here)’s incredible team of teachers aim to create a comfortable and calming space for the community to flourish.

Preparing for Your Class

When You Arrive:

  • We ask that students arrive at least 10 minutes before class begins to claim their booking
  • Parking can be difficult at peak times so we encourage people to walk, bike, or take public transport if possible

What to Bring:

  • You can wear anything you feel comfortable to move in!
  • We recommend bringing your own mat and a water bottle, however we do have a limited number of mats for hire and glasses for water.

Behind the Studio: Sarah Metzger

Tell us a little bit about how your yoga journey began.

I started yoga as a way to find balance and stay fit, but quickly learned that yoga was a solution to my stress and anxiety, a way to feel more like myself and more free. So I dedicated my life to learning about yoga and sharing what I love.

What inspired you to take the leap and open up your own studio?

After saving up money working on a cruise ship for 7 years, I moved to Melbourne (the hub of great vinyasa yoga) and took over what was then KX Yoga (a sister brand of KX Pilates). In 2017 we rebranded as (Here) Yoga, and recommitted to our ideals of community, connection and authenticity.

Speaking of inspiration, what words do you live by? Name your personal or professional motto.

It's not so much a quote, but whenever we're making decisions, we always go back to yoga and community as our pillars of service - we're here to offer what we love in honor of yoga and our community.

What sort of experience are you looking to cultivate when someone steps foot inside your yoga studio?

We want (Here) Yoga to feel like a space you can be yourself, welcomed as you are - a friendly place to connect to yourself and our beautiful, supportive community.

The (Here) Yoga team is built on the foundations of community, connection, and sincerity.

Describe the kind of music your teachers play during class. What's the music vibe like?

Our teachers use music as a way to add atmosphere but not to distract you from your experience. We love modern chants and chill beats.

While we're in the neighbourhood, what local spots should we check out before or after class?

We're lucky to be surrounded by awesome coffee shops and cafes. Just downstairs is The Pour Kids, up around the corner is Green Cup, or down the street is Eden Espresso, The Distributor, and Mr. Hubbard.

If you could collaborate with someone on a dream project, who would it be and why?

I would love to collaborate with all the amazing teachers who have passed through our doors over the years and helped build our awesome community. It would be an epic Melbourne and international yoga fest!

Lastly, what are you most proud of when it comes to your studio and/or your community?

We are proud that we have been able to cultivate a strong a cohesive studio community and identity while maintaining a diverse and interesting range of classes and teachers!

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