Elle Kiffer

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I have been practicing yoga on and off for about 8 years. I began practicing daily in 2013 when I moved to New York City. Living in such a crazy, fast paced environment I turned to my yoga practice as a mini-escape. I felt the benefits of this practice instantly and I haven't looked back since.

When the studio I was attending offered their first Yoga Teacher Training in 2016 I took it as a sign to follow my passion. I haven't looked back! I love teaching a physically challenging class mixed with some pranayama and meditation for the mind. And a nice long savasana, of course.

Teaching & Certification

  • 200 hour with Y7 Studio in New York
  • 100 hour with Patrick Beach and Carling Nicole
  • 200 hour training with The Kula Collective in Guatemala

Teaching Style

  • Adjustments/Assists: Yes.

  • Theming: Yes. I always theme my classes around something that is relevant to my life at the time. I find this is where I teach my most authentic classes and can relate to my students on a deeper level.

  • Sequencing: Working towards a pose or sequencing around a theme.

  • Music: Start slow, build the beat and bring it back down. Depending on the studio and the vibe but I love music during my classes.

On & Off the Mat With: Elle Kiffer

As a yoga teacher, what inspires and motivates your teaching?

My students - showing up time and time again. It's honestly the most rewarding this is seeing the same faces return to your classes. I am also constantly inspired by teachers around me. We are so lucky in Melbourne to have such a variety of teachers catering to all levels and needs.

How has your own yoga practice evolved since becoming a teacher?

My practice is always shifting and changing. Some days I want a power flow class and other days I crave Yin. I think since teaching full-time it's harder to find the time to fit in your own practice. I've definitely been getting better at this and love playing around with new sequences.

Do you have any yoga teachers that you admire and/or look up to? Who are they?

Duncan Parviainen at Power Living, Masha Gorodilova at Happy Melon, Justine Malick at Wanderlust LA

For those of us that haven't practiced with you before, what can we expect from your classes?

Friendly, welcoming, challenging yet attainable, FUN! :)

I love teaching a physically challenging class mixed with some pranayama and meditation for the mind. And a nice long savasana, of course.

What type of class could you teach all day, everyday and why?

Any kind of vinyasa flow. I love flowing to the music with your breath. It's such a beautiful and free feeling.

Do you practice any other form of movement or fitness besides yoga? If so, what kind?

I do some HIIT workouts about 2-3 times per week just at home. It's nice to be able to use yoga as a time to switch off mentally and not necessarily as a sweaty workout. I love trying new things so you can often find me bouldering, rock climbing or taking a hip hop dance class.

What's your go-to spot in Melbourne to get inspired?

Power Living or Kindred Movement

Finish this sentence. "I feel the most like myself when..."

In the summertime. I am most definitely the best version of myself. I plan to chase the sun - forever.

And lastly because it's fun, what's your spirit animal?

I'm going to say a Turtle. I'm yet to meet a giant turtle but I love how slow moving they are on the Earth but incredibly fast and confident in the water. I love the water - Turtle it is!

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